The Mary Mitchell Family & Youth Center is a community controlled community center. Our mission is to improve the lives of families and youth in the Crotona section of the Bronx through programs that expand opportunities, develop leadership and building community. The Center opened in 1997.




IPS II Martial Arts provides martial arts training to youth & adults Tues., Weds., Thurs.

Children from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

Adults from 7:30 - 9:00 pm.


Tanima Productions provides different forms of dance, modeling and singing classes weekdays from 6-9 pm.


La Familia Verde maintains 5 local community gardens and runs a farmer’s market on East Tremont from July through November.


Other activities include: Cheerleading, basketball, exercise class, group meetings and events. 


Classes are Free or Low-Cost.

 To use the Center for a program or event call the  

      office at (718) 583-1765 and ask for Heidi.





 Activities for youth 6-24 years old.


After School Program - Weekdays 2:30 - 6:00pm for children 6-12 years old. Activities include: art, fitness, music, gardening, literacy, homework help and a healthy meal.


We accept ACS vouchers.


Teen Program - Weekdays mentoring in the after-school program and teen council on Fridays.  Teen sponsored Senior Appreciation Dinners, Walk for Health and a Health Neighborhood Campaign.





Saturday Class: September - March from 10am-1pm.

There are three classes for new immigrants. (Classes are conducted in Spanish / English)


Classes include: English as a Second Language, Civics Classes and Basic Education Classes. 


Individual assistance for the citizenship process is provided to individuals by appointment.


Classes are FREE.



here are 5 components of the Mary Mitchell Health Initiative.


1.Healthy Lifestyle Policies: No junk food during MMC events, take the stairs and No Smoking near the building.

2. Healthy activities: Health Workshops, Daily fitness class, healthy meals.

3.  Youth leadership for fitness: Annual Walk

for Health, Healthy Tremont.

 4.  Fresh food access through La Familia Verde’s farmers market and La Canasta.

 5.  Family Health Challenge is an eight-week program in partnership with CIR to promote: water, low-fat milk, fruits/veggies, whole grains, right portions, eating at home and daily exercise.





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