The Food Justice Club is a program that works to enforce food justice. Food Justice is the idea of communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food.” and that all communities should have equal quantity and quality of food. Currently our group consists of 5 young adults that believe in providing our communities with more support to end issues such as food deserts and child obesity. We work year round to achieve our goal through community outreach and working with kids at our family center. During the school year we work with kids and teach them how to be healthy. We do activities such as word puzzles, trivia games, and lectures to provide information for the kids to make smarter life decisions. During the summer we work with the nearby La Familia Verde Farmers Market to sell our fresh grown produce and allow our kids to experience the taste of organic fruit and vegetables. Occasionally we also conduct trips to our community gardens and teach the kids how to start and maintain a garden.

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